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IMAGINE: The dress. The tux. The smiles. The love.  The anticipation...

Planning feels like it takes forever, but your wedding day will go by quickly. 

Yet, it's a day you will never forget; trust me.  

And for me to be involved in the most special day in your love journey - YAY!


So now that you are engaged the wedding planning can begin!  And I would love to help. 


Now, I realize that there are a ton of wedding photographer options out there. 

You need a creative, attentive, and professional photographer

to capture every special moment. 



This is my 12th year of wedding photography and

haven't stopped growing and learning to make

every image unique and special - just like you.  

Send me a message today before your date gets booked! 

We can chat about things like:

   + Portrait locations

   + Vendor referrals

   + Wedding day timeline

   + Details of your day 

   + Basically, whatever I can do

      to make your day the most

      seamless and special

      so you can just enjoy your   

      most special of days together

If you have made it this far, WOW!  Thank you! 

I hope it was evident that my aim with every single wedding is:

    + To give you variety

    + To be creative and thoughtful.

    + To capture the emotion of the day, not just "the happenings".

    + To create a masterpiece that you will cherish forever.

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