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Frequently Asked Questions

So you have a question???  We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions for your convenience. If you have other questions, feel free to contact us (form below) today.  But for now, take a look at all of the questions and answers. 

  • How did you get in to photography?
    I took a short-term missions trip to New York City and was enamored! I said to myself, "I wish I could capture what I am experiencing right now." The way to do that was through photography. I did not have a camera at that moment. But that feeling will never go away and I use that mentality every shot I take. After that trip, I picked up every photography magazine and book I could get my hands on to learn (this was before youtube ha!) I started off shooting film, then got my hands on early digitial cameras and the rest, they say, is history!
  • Does your studio do Headshots, Individual Portraits, Family Portraits, Newborn Shoots, or Product Photography?"
    I do: coporate headshots, individual portraits, family portraits, and product photography. Now, I have done SOME Newborn photography - I just don't have any props or cute wraps or anything like that to take on that niche.
  • Do you deliver every image you shoot?
    The quick answer is "no". But I do deliver every amazing shot I shoot! There are quite often "test shots" or lighting misfires that don't end up on your disc. There are even sometimes I have the camera on my hip and my hip hits the shutter release. You don't need those returned. That is just silly. You want the pictures that best capture your day... not the ones that capture the floor.
  • Have you ever shot at my venue before?
    Perhaps! I have been in the photography business going on 11 years now and chances are, I more than likely have! And made some great connections while I was there, too!
  • Do you provide partial day coverage?
    Well, yes! I will work with the package prices to better suit your day's needs, too!
  • What is your photography style?
    Anyone who knows me knows that I enjoy just the happiest things in life. And that shows through my style. I tend to take on a more photojournalistic approach to photography. Not a lot of posing (but definitely there is a need for that throughout) not a lot of direction. Just allowing the day to unfold itself all while having fun and recognizing the moments as they are happening.
  • My venue is very dark, can you get any pictures in there?"
    I make it a priority to have some of the most updated gear available. I use the Nikon D850 which has a very high range of ISO. Couple that with a wide arrange of lenses that allow in a lot of light and that should do the trick! If that isn't enough, I will work with the venue to allow the use of external flash.
  • Will my images be photoshopped?
    More than likely, NO! I ONLY use photoshop to remove very distracting items from an image. I mainly use Lightroom for editing the images.
  • Do you retouch every image on the disc?
    YES! Every single image will be gone through "with a fine tooth comb". I will make sure that each memory is just as vivid as you lived it. By a style I call "Clean-editing".
  • What do you mean by "Clean Editing""
    Basically, just general lightening and simple color grades to ensure the highlight of the image is the subjects. My style doesn't condone heavily "photomanipulating" images to "create" the final image. I strive my best to get the best picture possible straight out of camera. And then make it oh so perfect with "clean editing" later.
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