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Senior Ambassador Team

Do you want to become a member of an amazing team of Juniors and Seniors? 

Thomas D Photography is now accepting applications for our 

Senior Portrait Model Team for 2021 and 2022. 

This is a great program to help you earn rewards to use towards your

senior portraits and other fun gifts during your time as an ambassador!





+ You must be a current High School Junior graduating in 2022.  

    - Your High School needs to be within 60 miles of Thomas D Photography (TDP), in Erie, PA.

+ You must have lots of energy and personality in front of the camera! 

    - You may be reasonably introverted, but WORK THAT CAMERA!!! 

+ Commit to participate in and share your experience with the Group and Individual Shoots scheduled throughout your time as an Ambassador/ Model. 

+ Parents or legal guardians must be aware that you are participating in the TDP Senior Rep Program. 

    - They MUST sign a model release permitting TDP to use your images for marketing and promotional purposes for the studio.

    - Parents/ Guardian(s) must be at any and all photo shoots OR (Give other parents that will be there guardianship over you with written permission only emailed to TDP.)

    - Traveling expenses and food, unless otherwise specified, is at client's expense.

+ A promise to promote TDP and ONLY TDP for 2021/2022, both positively and exclusively.

    - You can’t be a rep/model for us and another photography studio at any time during your year of being an Ambassador/ Model.


Social media:

+ Promote your images on your Facebook page and/or Instagram. 

    - Display images and tag "Thomas D Photography" in them.

    - Put "Ambassador of TDP" in social media bio.

+ Become a fan of TDP, suggest your friends & family to “like” as well, and share information about the business.

+ Join the TDP Senior Representative Facebook invite only group page. You must be active in the group.



+ Must work well with others.

+ Distribute your rep cards (if requested) to all classmates graduating in 2022 (You are only expected to pass out rep cards and tell your friends how to contact TDP. You do not have to discuss prices or packages)

+ Share your photo app images with your friends and family. Yes, you will have your very own customized phone app!!!



+ One time session fee covers: up to 4 shoots scheduled throughout the Rep's year!

    - Session fee is normally $200, but session will be discounted to $150 for Ambassadors. 

    - (Essentially, this makes sessions  buy one session, get up to 3 free!) 

    - There will be more than four sessions scheduled.  If you are interested in any more than 4 - then it is only $50   

       for each shoot after the 4 included with the initial session fee.

+ $50 Hair and Makeup Investment is required at the TDP signing for the group styled photo shoot. 

    - Professional Hair and Makeup Artist(s) will be there to make sure you look your absolute best!

    - This year’s theme will be announced at the social (date to be determined) and in the Facebook group.

+ $50 retainer fee is due at time of contract signing (this fee does get applied to the $150

   - You may pay full $150 if desired.

+ Willing to actively seek out opportunities to represent TDP and bring in new clients. 

    - Senior Representatives earn rewards for bringing in all types of clients, including senior portraits, family

       sessions, and wedding/couple sessions!

Perks Just For YOU!:

+ The experience of shooting with TDP. 

+ Personalized phone app featuring up to 20 of your favorite images that you can have with you on the go.

    - Includes the ability to download images to use on your social media. 

+ Participate in exclusive group styled Themed Team Bonding Sessions with other TDP Senior Model Reps!

+ An invite to join our private Facebook group page only for Senior Model Reps and their parents.

+ A Senior Rep spotlight social post, featuring you and your hobbies & interests!

+ TDP Senior Model Reps will be featured in my client meeting room and in any future Senior Magazine!

+ Senior Reps' images will be submitted to Senior Year Magazine for contests/ exposure!

+ We will be taking group pics and individual pics throughout each shoot. 

+ ...and much, much, much more!


Referral Rewards:

+ One Referral         - 6% off any Wall Art
+ Two Referrals      – 10% off any Wall Art
+ Three Referrals   – 12% off any Wall Art
+ Four Referrals     – 15% off any Wall Art
+ Five Referrals      – FREE hair and makeup for any session within your Ambassador Year ($50 value)
+ Six Referrals        – 20% off any Wall Art
+ Seven Referrals  – 10 digital files  + 10% off any Wall Art
+ Eight Referrals    – 20 digital files  + 15% off any Wall Art
+ Nine Referrals     – 25 digital files  + 20 % off any Wall Art
+ Ten Referrals       – USB Flash Drive with up to 100 Full-Size digitals and Print Release ($1500 value)

Rules/ Special Notes:

*Referrals must book and pay for their session to count towards your earnings!*

*Percent discount does not apply to print collections – these are already deeply discounted!!*

*Your session fee is due before your individual session unless you have already brought in two referrals.*

*If you bring in new referrals after your individual session, your new earnings will be subtracted from your collection order.*

*You will be issued ONE Visa Gift Card by the end of April 2022, if applicable.*

*These referrals must book, pay for, and complete their Senior Session by June 1st, 2021.*

*You will receive 20 digital images for being a rep - Referral Rewards are additional to that.


*Until contract signing, Referral Rewards are subject to change without notice. 

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